You are invited...
To the Annual Kingston Ringette Tournament!

January 28-30, 2022

Registration is now OPEN: contact Dave.Hanes ​​

The Kingston Ringette Association is pleased to invite you to our Annual Ringette Tournament, to be held January 28-30, 2022.


A  -  U12A, U14A, 18+A

B  -  U12B, U14B, 18+B, BB

C. -  U12C, U14C, 18+C

plus - U10/Fun 3 and 18+ Dev





$800.00 (3 game guarantee) $950.00 (18+A: 4 game guarantee)


Inquiries, expressions of interest and the intention to apply sho​uld be communicated to before Nov 10 2021. A mid- November review of all upcoming Winter-term tournaments will be carried out by Ringette Ontario, with divisional structure and tournament registrations to be confirmed shortly thereafter. Additional team registrations may then be possible, but early applications are encouraged and advised.

Teams will be advised of their acceptance by December 1st, 2021. There will be no refund for teams withdrawing after they have been accepted.

Ringette Ontario Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Ringette Canada Official Rules will be enforced. One exception is that there will be no overtime during round-robin play. Complete rules will be provided with tournament packages.

Shot clocks will be used in all divisions except U10 and 18+Dev.​ ​